We advocate the increased use of flowers by offering general population consumers an understanding about flowers and the floral industry along with practical ideas, information and inspiration for living with flowers throughout the year.

And, we offer resources and services that help B2C and B2B Professionals grow their floral businesses.

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FGM Care and Handling Guidlines

FGM Quotes and Passages

FGM Set Up Essentials

FGM Styling Tecq Sheets

The Flower Godmother

The Flower Godmother

flower advice, ideas & inspiration

the kind your favorite aunt would give you – with your your best interest in mind

Flowerhandlers Design School

Flowerhandlers Design School

styling flowers for pleasure, passion, purpose & prosperity

flower arranging classes & floral design certificate courses

Progressive Floristry

insights, perspectives & points of view on 21st century floristry floriculture

to help you design the floral business of your dreams

My Flowerhandlers

the flower godmother’s personalized B2C rolodex of professional flower handlers

who serve through the medium of flowers

Flowerhandlers Network

Flowerhandlers Network

the flowerhandlers personalized B2B rolodex of floral industry partners & supporters

who touch people’s lives with the beauty & wonder of flowers!

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