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We Believe: Flowers are …

One of the most misunderstood, undervalued, seldom used, and cost effective resources for positively affecting one’s mental attitude, personal relationships, individual lifestyle, and all-around wellbeing.

Flowerhandlers® promotes the enjoyment of flowers and floristry as livelihood. We advocate the enjoyment of flowers by offering General Population Consumers practical care and handling information, fast, fun, simple and easy flower arranging ideas, and inspiration for living with flowers throughout the year. We promote floristry as livelihood through products and services that help B2C and B2B Professional Flower Handlers design the floral business of their dreams.



Consumer Flower Lovers

I’ve worked with flowers since 1972. Year after year people ask the same questions and make the same comments: “Where do you buy your flowers?” “How do you get them to last so long?” “You make that (arranging) look so easy.” So, I created some free flower resources through “The Voice of The Flower Godmother”. She, like your favorite aunt, has your best interest in mind and offers you (general population consumers) practical information enabling you to confidently buy flowers wherever you find them – and fully enjoy them in your daily life all throughout the year. You can get immediate access to the resources by joining the Flowerhandlers community (below right) then check out more floral ideas and inspiration on the Flower Godmother site.

For flower lover hobbyists who want hands on styling and arranging opportunities, the Flowerhandlers Design School presents a monthly rotation of 4 Classes in the Upper Marlboro MD studio that can be brought off premise to your location for groups and organizations. For flower lover enthusiasts and expressionists My Flower Handlers offers you insight to understanding the variations in B2C floral providers and how to work with each of them in the best way.

Our Progressive Floristry site is for anyone who thinks they want a career in floral – future flower handlers. It’s a safe way to start exploring the possibilities that the industry holds for you. And to recognize the broader floral industry there is the

Flowerhandlers Network where you’ll find those companies who support our work – so we can continue to bring you floral ideas, insights and inspiration to enhance your lifestyle.

Whether you are a flower lover enthusiast, expressionist, hobbyist or even a future flower handler join us in the Flowerhandlers Community to access your free resources and get the most pleasure from your next floral purchase.


Future & Current

B2C Floral Professionals

There were 25,000 traditional florists in the US, now there are 15,000 along with 35,000 independent floral design practices. It’s not just an increase of floral service providers but, more importantly an increase in business models for floristry. That sometimes confuses the consumer – who expects all “florists” to be the same.

You serve your customers on different levels through the medium of flowers. My Flower Handlers attempts to explain the differences in service providers so consumers understand and appreciate the value of your service along with your flowers.

To help more people become flower lovers who buy more flowers, for more reasons, far more often throughout the year, we created The Flower Godmother site along with her free flower resources. We believe that by educating the general population and showing them the benefit of implementing flowers into their daily lives it will turn into good business for you. You are welcome to use The Flower Godmother’s free resources as educational references for yourself, your staff, your business and your customers. Just join the Flowerhandlers Community (bottom right) to check out the resources right away.

If you need to hone your design skills to get more pleasure, passion, purpose and prosperity from your work you’ll benefit from the 4 Class series and 4 Certificate Courses offered at the Flowerhandlers Design School – now in our 9th year. Because the floral industry is becoming more diverse and offering new opportunities for enjoying floristry as livelihood our Progressive Floristry site offers business development workshops programs, products and services to help you design the floral business of your dreams.

To recognize the broader industry we have established the Flowerhandlers Network where you will find companies who touch people lives through the beauty and wonder of flowers and who have helped us produce our work over the years.

Join the Flowerhandlers Community and let us help your business thrive.


B2B Floral Professionals

It’s a wonderous cycle. Growers and manufacturers are successful when distributors buy more. Distributors are successful when retailers buy more. And, retailers are successful when consumers buy more. We are all in this together – fully and completely reliant on each others  individual success.

Everyone in the industry could use a little more momentum of success. To that end the Flowerhandlers body of work is produced.

To help increase the momentum of getting more flowers, to more people, for more reasons, far more often Flowerhandlers offers  consumer awareness through The Flower Godmother where floral ideas, information and inspiration reside.

To help consumers understand different retailers and find the most appropriate one for their needs – so they have the best floral experience – we created My Flower Handlers.

To bring new people with their fresh perspectives and creative concepts into the industry and to allow existing retailers to take on new ideas and perspectives that allow them to thrive we developed Progressive Floristry as a resource of possibilities for them to explore. For those design skills that must be honed and then simply taken for granted because they MUST BE PRESENT to succeed as a florist the Flowerhandlers Design School has been offering Traditional American Design Classes and Courses for over eight years.

And to recognize the broader floral industry, where everything starts, we offer the Flowerhandlers Network. Join the Flowerhandlers Community (bottom right) to discover how together we can grow your business, expand the industry and uplift the world by touching more people’s lives with the beauty and wonder of flowers.



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